The Eco-Friendly Benefits of LEVELift

The Econ-Friendly Benefits of Polylevel

Eco-Friendly LEVELift for Leveling Concrete Patios and Driveways Recently, you noticed that one of your concrete driveway or patio sections is beginning to sink a little, and now you are on the web to explore options. Perhaps you have seen some interesting videos on YouTube about how concrete can be repaired instead of replaced, but […]

Concrete Patio Restoration Techniques

Concreate Patio Restoration Techniques

Concrete Patio Restoration When you bought your house, a big draw was the concrete patio in the backyard. You envisioned large family gatherings, entertaining friends and colleagues, and your personal favorite, quiet moments alone outdoor with your significant other. Time outdoors is not only enjoyable, but studies show there are emotional and health benefits from […]

Concrete Repair: Should I Repair or Replace?

Concrete Repair: Should I Repair or Replace

My Driveway is Aging. Should I Replace It or Hire a Concrete Repair Expert? So you noticed that the driveway is beginning to show signs of aging (aren’t we all!?!), which raises plenty of questions. Can I prolong the usefulness of my driveway to make it last? When will concrete repairs require a professional? How […]

Signs You Need To Call A Concrete Leveling Expert

Signs You Need To Call A Concrete Leveling Expert

Know When To Call a Concrete Leveling Expert Something as hard and durable as concrete seems so very stable and immovable, so when your sidewalk, driveway, or other concrete structure rises, sinks, or buckles, it might puzzle you. You care about the safety and appearance of your property, but it is doubtful you have the […]

Four Major Causes of Concrete Settlement

Why Concrete Settles The South Texas heat is just around the corner. Summertime temperatures lead to homeowners spending more time on backyard patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Concrete settlement is the most common culprit for uneven concrete that can become unsightly, and a hazard to your family and those visiting your property. Concrete settlement is most […]

9 Advantages of Concrete Leveling Foam

9 Advantages of Concrete Leveling Foam

PolyLevel Injection Advantages If you have noticed uneven concrete at your home’s patio, driveway, or sidewalk, Leveled can help. It’s not just annoying, and unsightly, uneven concrete is a tripping hazard and can be dangerous to you, your family, and visitors to your home. At Leveled, we use a PolyLevel Injection process that is a […]

6 Common Concrete Leveling Questions Customers Ask

Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete driveways, jagged sidewalks, cracked patios, uneven steps, and sunken pool decks can all benefit from concrete leveling services. Polyjacking or lifting and leveling concrete slabs with expanding polyurethane foam is a great alternative to costly concrete replacement. Our client list includes businesses and homeowners across Southeast Texas, and we answer questions of all […]


ADA compliant The Risks of Uneven Concrete

Keeping your commercial property or residence within ADA-compliant guidelines is a must for any business. Sidewalks, patios, parking lots, and steps are all included in the required structures that must be kept free of the hazards of uneven concrete. Understanding the Purpose of ADA Compliance ADA compliance refers to adherence to the Americans with Disabilities […]

Concrete Leveling Comparison: Polyjacking vs. Mudjacking

Concrete Leveling

Polyjacking Concrete Leveling or Mudjacking, Which is better for your property? Which is the best concrete leveling method? Uneven concrete slabs, sunken sidewalks, and settled patios are common in the Houston, Texas, area. Mudjacking and polyjacking are two standard methods to restore leveled concrete surfaces for property owners looking for an alternative to costly replacement. […]

Concrete Leveling vs. Concrete Grinding: Which to Choose?

The Differences Between Concrete Leveling and Concrete Grinding There are a few different options for homeowners who want to repair their uneven concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio without the cost of replacing it entirely. Mudjacking is an option, but it does not have the long-term guarantee of other concrete leveling methods. Concrete leveling and concrete […]