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Concrete lifting is a unique process designed to help raise a concrete slab. While raising concrete may be a process unknown by many, rest assured, with the right tools and techniques, you can enjoy smooth and level concrete surfaces in your driveway, on your patio, and around your business.

It’s why residents looking for professional concrete lifting in Houston, TX, have trusted the team at Leveled Concrete. We help to raise any and every sinking concrete slab by virtue of our LEVELift solution, a state-of-the-art process that stands far ahead of conventional ways to raise and level concrete, such as traditionally offered mudjacking services.

As one of the leading concrete lifting companies in the area, we take pride in what we do, and it’s why we serve residents all over the Greater Houston area, including the following:

  • Harris County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Galveston County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Montgomery County
  • Brazoria County
  • Waller County
  • Auston County


Concrete lifting is used to raise and level sunken or uneven concrete surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Raising concrete serves as a cost-effective alternative to completely removing and replacing it, and when performed by top-of-the-line concrete raising companies, you’ll immediately reap the benefits.


Ready to get started? Contact ouconcrete raisers today! Every contractor we employ displays similar levels of care for your property, and we work quickly to get ahead of any issues and remedy all your concerns about concrete sinking and our concrete lifting services. So schedule your free inspection today and start working with our concrete lifting contractors today!

The process involves drilling small holes into the sunken concrete and injecting an expanding polyurethane foam underneath. As the foam expands, it lifts the concrete slab, leveling it out and filling any voids, gaps, or uneven slabs. Not only is concrete lifting an efficient resolution, but it is also environmentally friendly — a critical responsibility for something that’s meant to last nearly the lifetime of your property.

The benefits of concrete lifting can extend beyond aesthetics, too. Level surfaces prevent vehicle damage and reduce tripping hazards, making them safer for everyone walking around your property. So don’t hesitate. Schedule concrete lifting for your Houston, TX, property today and reap the rewards.


When maintaining a property or building over an extended period, one common issue that arises is concrete settling. This can occur due to a variety of factors, such as soil erosion or poor construction techniques. That’s where our residential and commercial concrete lifting in Houston, TX, comes into play. Our concrete raisers utilize our injected expanding polyurethane foam process to lift concrete slabs and provide short and long-term solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Not only is this concrete leveling method less invasive and less time-consuming than traditional methods, like replacing the entire slab, but it’s also more cost-effective for businesses on a budget or homeowners looking to save a few bucks. Most importantly, it allows property owners to avoid potential safety hazards and liability concerns that can arise with uneven surfaces, making Leveled Concrete one of the leading concrete lifting companies in the Greater Houston region.

Overall, investing in residential and commercial concrete lifting is a smart way to keep your property safe, maintain its value, and promote longevity. Lift sunken concrete with our concrete lifting contractors by scheduling your FREE inspection today!


There are plenty of options for concrete lifting, especially when working with top cement lifting companies like Leveled Concrete. One of the more traditional methods we see is mudjacking. While this process has been around for decades, it’s no longer the best solution for lifting settled concrete. Our LEVELift system uses a process similar to mudjacking but uses a different substance to achieve a longer-lasting solution.

LEVELift is the answer to some of the common problems associated with mudjacking, which include:

The material used in mudjacking is not waterproof and, therefore, not ideal for concrete leveling in Houston. In addition, because the soil in our area will hold water after a rainfall, the slurry of concrete, dirt, and water used in mudjacking can become compromised over time.

As you can imagine, a mixture of dirt, water, and concrete is very heavy. The weight of the original concrete plus the additional weight of the mudjacking material can cause the supporting soils below your slab to compact down even further, and you’ll end up dealing with the same settlement issues later on.

In order to pump the thick mudjacking substance below the slab, a contractor would have to drill lots of holes throughout the slab, each between 1 and 2 inches in diameter. These holes will still be noticeable even after they’re patched, and they can actually damage the structural integrity of your slab even further!

LEVELift is a lightweight, expanding polyurethane foam solution that’s entirely waterproof. Plus, the holes we drill to inject LEVELift are much smaller than those used for mudjacking. Learn more about the differences between these two processes and why LEVELift is the best solution for concrete lifting in Houston, TX, here.

A few things need to be considered when deciding whether to repair or entirely replace your concrete:

  • Condition: What’s the current condition of the concrete in question? If it’s just sinking or even has some large cracks running through the slabs, concrete leveling services may be perfect for your Houston home. However, if the concrete has lots of cracks and fissures or if the surface is pitted and flaking, you may need to look into replacement.
  • Budget: Concrete repair is typically much more affordable than a total replacement since there’s no cost for removing the old material.
  • Longevity. Because concrete gets stronger as it gets older, repairing and lifting concrete slabs around your Houston residence or commercial building is a great option. If they’re in decent shape, you’ll likely have a better outcome from repairing old, strong concrete than pouring fresh concrete, waiting for it to cure, and hoping the damage won’t repeat itself.


Still undecided? Explore our concrete repair services in more detail, or contact our team today for concrete lifting in Houston, TX.


LEVELift is highly effective for leveling surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garage floors, and interior slabs. Whether you’re dealing with sunken concrete due to soil settlement, erosion, or poor compaction, LEVELift offers a reliable and efficient method for restoring the surface to its original position. The expanding polyurethane foam fills voids and lifts the concrete, providing a stable and even foundation. This approach to concrete leveling is versatile, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring durability and longevity for a wide range of concrete surfaces.


Move over mudjacking. And move over traditional concrete raising companies. The team at Leveled Concrete is here to stay, and our concrete lifting solutions provide the exact reason why. We stand ahead of the competition with our quality LEVELift process, designed to utilize the existing concrete slab to save you money and time and ensure long-lasting and level concrete.

We provide concrete lifting services to Houston, TX, and residents all around the Greater Houston area, including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Chambers County, Liberty County, Montgomery County, Brazoria County, Waller County, and Auston County.

Ready to repair your sunken concrete? Contact Leveled Concrete today and work with one of the top cement lifting companies in the area. We employ quality contractors and representatives who are experienced in concrete leveling methods and deliver customer service beyond your wildest expectations. Get a firsthand look at everything we do by scheduling your FREE INSPECTION today or by learning about solutions like our concrete leveling foam.