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Four Major Causes of Concrete Settlement

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Why Concrete Settles

The South Texas heat is just around the corner. Summertime temperatures lead to homeowners spending more time on backyard patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Concrete settlement is the most common culprit for uneven concrete that can become unsightly, and a hazard to your family and those visiting your property.

Concrete settlement is most often seen with patios, driveways, steps, and sidewalks. The distance between the topsoil and the concrete slab is minimal, so any erosion or movement of the soil disrupts the integrity of the concrete slab.

Here are the four main causes of concrete settlement:

Concrete Settlement Cause 1: Sinking, Drying Soil

This is very common in soils that contain a high concentration of clay. As the soil dries it shrinks causing spaces to develop between the slab and the open space. This void reduces the support provided to the above slab thus causing a sinking appearance and cracks.

Concrete Settlement Cause 2: Erosion of the Soil

Erosion from poor drainage or plumbing leaks is a common cause of uneven concrete. The path of water can wash away the underlying soil that supports the concrete slab causing the slab to shift or even crack.

Concrete Settlement Cause 3: Poorly Compacted Fill Dirt

During a home’s construction, the soil is leveled and compacted to provide a solid foundation for concrete slabs to be poured on top. If this foundation is poorly compacted, the weight of your home, patio, and driveway will further compress the soil causing uneven concrete as your slab begins to sink, settle and crack.

Concrete Settlement Cause 4: Heave

Heave is the opposite of the other causes for uneven concrete. Heave refers to the upward movement of the underlying soil caused by swelling and expansion of the soil. As the moisture level of the foundation soil increases, the soil will begin to expand putting pressure on the slab. The expanding soil will force the slab upward along with patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Relaxing during the summer is much more enjoyable when done on a level patio. Concrete settlement is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and how much. Leveled provides a variety of solutions and leveling options to protect and restore your concrete while keeping your home as safe as possible. Call us today for a free consultation.


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