Concrete Leveling

6 Common Concrete Leveling Questions Customers Ask

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Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete driveways, jagged sidewalks, cracked patios, uneven steps, and sunken pool decks can all benefit from concrete leveling services. Polyjacking or lifting and leveling concrete slabs with expanding polyurethane foam is a great alternative to costly concrete replacement.

Our client list includes businesses and homeowners across Southeast Texas, and we answer questions of all kinds regarding their concrete leveling needs. We thought that it would be helpful to answer the most asked questions all in one easy and convenient location.

How Does Polyjacking or Mudjacking Work?

Mudjacking is an old technique, and it involves drilling strategically placed holes into a compromised slab. A concrete/mud slurry is pumped through these holes to fill any gaps in the soil beneath the slab. The pressure of the newly added slurry raises the slab. By adding more slurry, the pressure and pushes both down, towards the soil, and up, raising the concrete slab higher.

At Leveled, we use a more modern technique. We inject an expanding polyurethane foam beneath the slab to lift it and stabilize the subsoil beneath. This allows us to use much smaller less visible holes to insert the polyurethane beneath the concrete slab. This foam is both more eco-friendly and resists erosion more efficiently, and best of all our solution comes with the industry’s leading warranty.  

Are the Holes Visible After the Repair?

After your concrete leveling project is complete, the holes will be sealed. They become relatively invisible. Many of our customers must pay close attention to even see where the original holes were placed. Most of the time the lifted and leveled slabs look just like the other surrounding slabs and look untouched.

How Long Does Concrete Leveling Take?

The time to complete a project is dependent on the size of the project, but most projects take only a couple of hours. Though that may seem like a long time, two hours is much better than a replacement project that could take days or even weeks. And once complete, you can use and drive on the repaired slabs the same day.

How Long Should Concrete Leveling Repairs Last?

Our polyurethane foam injection corrects the soil gaps beneath your concrete slab. This is a lasting solution and typically lasts up to a decade.

Will Your Services Fix Slab Damage?

Damage to a concrete slab will not be corrected by leveling the slab alone. Stress cracks in slabs can often be fixed as slabs are lifted and leveled back into place, and then sealed. We can repair most slabs and prevent further cracking and separation by preventing water from penetrating cracks and joints and causing additional problems with the subsoil below. We also offer sealants to help preserve your concrete’s surface and prevent further weathering and signs of aging.  When concrete shows considerable cracking, weathering and erosion, it may only be able to be “fixed” by replacement. When we inspect your property during our quote process, we will provide you with detailed recommendations on what should be done to meet your specific needs.  

How Much Does Concrete Leveling Cost?

According to, concrete leveling costs range around $1,290; however, that average does not reflect a specific size or number of slabs to be leveled. Although that may seem daunting, it is far more affordable than replacing the concrete slab which maybe two or three times more expensive. Each concrete leveling project is unique and costs vary based on the size and number of slabs that may require attention. At Leveled, we take the time to evaluate what your concrete requires and we provide a customized solution based only on your specific needs. You can be assured of both our value and low price thanks to our price assurance guarantee and the industries leading warranty.

When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at Leveled to schedule your free inspection.

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When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free inspection. Leveled can schedule a free inspection to help walk you through your options.