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Curious about how LEVELift concrete leveling works? Want to know if it’s suitable for your specific concrete issues? Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is here to provide clarity on LEVELift, the innovative concrete leveling solution offered by Leveled Concrete. Whether you’re wondering about the application process, the types of surfaces it can address, or the long-term benefits, we’ve compiled the answers to commonly asked questions to guide you through the intricacies of this advanced technology. Dive into our FAQs to gain a comprehensive understanding of LEVELift and how it can transform your uneven or sunken concrete surfaces.

LEVELift is a high-density, expandable polyurethane foam used to level concrete slabs, including sidewalks, driveways, highways, parking lots, and more.

To lift concrete, LEVELift is injected below the surface of your concrete. The foam then begins to expand and fill empty spaces where there’s little or no soil supporting your slab. As it folds over itself and hardens, it slowly and gently pushes your concrete upwards toward a level position. It hardens as it dries, creating an entirely waterproof support system for settled concrete.

LEVELift is an innovative concrete leveling solution designed to address a wide range of concrete surfaces. Whether you’re dealing with sunken driveways, uneven sidewalks, or settling pool decks, LEVELift provides an effective and efficient solution. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various residential and commercial applications, ensuring that your concrete surfaces remain stable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s explore the diverse types of concrete surfaces on which LEVELift can be applied.

  • Driveways: LEVELift efficiently lifts and levels sunken driveways, eliminating trip hazards and restoring a smooth, even surface.
  • Sidewalks: Uneven sidewalks can be a safety concern. LEVELift addresses settling issues by providing a level walkway.
  • Patios: Sunken or uneven patios affect both aesthetics and functionality. LEVELift ensures a stable and level surface for outdoor enjoyment.
  • Pool Decks: Settling pool decks can create drainage problems and safety issues. LEVELift lifts and levels the deck, addressing these concerns.
  • Garage Floors: LEVELift is applicable to garage floors prone to settling, ensuring a level surface for parking and other activities.
  • Interior Slabs: Uneven interior slabs, such as those found in basements or commercial spaces, can be leveled with precision using LEVELift.
  • Commercial Flooring: LEVELift is suitable for a variety of commercial flooring applications, providing stability and safety.
  • Warehouse Floors: Settling warehouse floors can lead to operational challenges. LEVELift ensures a level surface for efficient warehouse operations.
  • Steps and Stairs: Uneven steps and stairs pose safety risks. LEVELift levels these surfaces, enhancing safety and accessibility.
  • Curbs and Edging: Sunken or uneven curbs and edging can affect the overall appearance of a property. LEVELift restores them to their proper height.


LEVELift’s versatility extends to various concrete surfaces, making it ideal for comprehensive concrete leveling needs in residential and commercial settings.

This depends on the size of your project. Most residential jobs can be finished in as little as a few hours, while large commercial projects with many different areas that need treatment can take longer. However, the product itself cures in as little as 15 minutes after application.

While LEVELift is generally more cost-effective compared to concrete replacement or mudjacking services, the actual cost is contingent upon the project’s size and scope. We provide complimentary inspections to ensure the most accurate project quote, along with financing options to make repairs as affordable as possible. Our goal is to optimize the quality and affordability of your project.

At times, our team may need to employ pry bars to adjust the position of concrete slabs. This might result in slight disruptions to your lawn or nearby landscaping along the slab’s edges. However, this process is minimally invasive and typically leaves little to no evidence of our presence once we conclude our work.


If you have questions that weren’t addressed here, give our team a call at 832-404-2070. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our product, our team, or the many reasons you should choose Leveled Concrete and our PolyLEVEL solution for your concrete leveling project.

LEVELift offers a superior solution compared to traditional mudjacking. Unlike the sandy slurry used in mudjacking, LEVELift dries as a solid structure, ensuring resistance to erosion and deterioration. Moreover, it boasts waterproof properties and remains impervious to pests or chemical breakdown. With LEVELift, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will provide long-lasting support to your concrete as long as the subsoil beneath it remains intact.

It is indeed possible, particularly for exterior concrete slabs, to experience certain effects over time. Our soil contains significant amounts of bentonite (clay), which possesses a high absorbency rate. As a result, it undergoes expansion and contraction depending on the moisture levels in the environment. During the wet season, the soil swells, exerting pressure on the concrete and causing it to rise. Conversely, during dry periods, the soil shrinks back down. It is important to note that this movement is a natural consequence of the soil and not indicative of any failure on the part of LEVELift. Thus, there is no cause for concern.


In most cases, the concrete will experience minimal or no movement due to weather conditions. Therefore, if you observe some settling a few months after the repair, especially during the summertime, there is no need to worry. Simply exercise patience and wait to see if it returns to its original state. If you have any concerns, our team is always available to reassess the situation.

LEVELift utilizes components manufactured from recycled materials and natural polyols, ensuring complete non-toxicity and environmental safety. When these components are mixed, LEVELift forms a protective outer skin, akin to a balloon, that safely contains the reaction process. This makes LEVELift suitable for various applications, including injection near sources of drinking water.

We often receive this question, and it’s important to address it. There are various expandable foam products available, each serving different purposes. However, when it comes to geotechnical applications, LEVELift stands out. Developed by Supportworks, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of concrete leveling products, LEVELift is specifically formulated for this purpose. In Houston, our team is the only certified crew for installing this exceptional product. Before choosing a concrete repair company or purchasing a similar product from a home improvement store, make sure to do your homework. Discover why LEVELift is the market’s superior and safest solution for leveling.

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If you have more questions or are ready to experience the unmatched precision and durability of LEVELift concrete leveling, reach out to us today. Leveled Concrete is your trusted partner for transforming uneven driveways, sunken sidewalks, and settling pool decks into stable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Our team is dedicated to answering any additional questions you may have and providing personalized solutions for your specific needs. Contact Leveled Concrete today for LEVELift concrete leveling services in Houston, TX, and nearby areas.

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