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If you’ve noticed uneven, sloping floors in your home, cracks or separations in the walls near door or window frames, or doors and windows that stick when you open or shut them, the problem could be a sinking foundation floor. Our team can quickly and accurately level concrete floors inside your home to address these issues and stabilize your foundation from further settlement without risking damage to plumbing or other necessary structures beneath your home.

Serving the greater Houston, TX, area, we provide interior concrete repair services to residents in and around the following regions:

  • Harris County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Galveston County
  • Chambers County
  • Liberty County
  • Montgomery County
  • Brazoria County
  • Waller County
  • Auston County


There are several methods of lifting and leveling interior concrete slabs that have started to sink. Mudjacking and pier systems, while effective, are also extremely intrusive and expensive options that leave your home in a state of ongoing construction for days or even weeks. Our process is simple, effective, and fast, so our team can stabilize your home with minimal disruption to your daily life.


Level out your concrete today! Get your hands on our comprehensive concrete leveling services, or consider solutions like concrete lifting and concrete leveling foam and how they can help your property. No matter what you need done, rest easy knowing that you’ll be in the capable hands of Leveled Concrete.

To start, small pieces of any existing flooring that are over the concrete will need to be removed. Then, our team can drill small holes into the sinking foundation slab, so we can inject LEVELift below the surface. Slowly, the slab will start to lift as the foam expands. Once it has reached its original position, our team will fill the injection holes and restore the removed flooring pieces. You’ll be able to walk on it and use the room as intended just 15 minutes after we’re done!


Our team is the only one in the Houston area with access to the LEVELift product. It is engineer-designed and tested to ensure efficacy for geotechnical applications, making it the best polyurethane lifting product on the market. Manufactured by Supportworks, one of the premier producers of home repair products, we trust LEVELift for its longevity, success rate, and the overall value it provides our customers in Tennessee, northern Georgia, and western North Carolina.

Additionally, Leveled Concrete provides the following excellent benefits for our clients in and around Houston, TX:

At Leveled Concrete, safety, and durability are our top priorities. Our repair services utilize innovative methods and materials to ensure your foundation is fixed safely and securely. We also use the latest technology to ensure that your foundation is structurally sound and durable for years to come. With this total package, you’ll rest easy knowing that you have the best possible solution for your failing interior concrete foundation.

Our team of experienced professionals has been helping customers in Houston with their foundation issues for many years. We are the trusted choice for foundation repair services in Houston and for residents in the region, and we specialize in providing quick and efficient solutions for all issues plaguing your foundation.

Every foundation project is unique, and Leveled Concrete treats it that way. The company tailors its repair services to fit the specific needs of each foundation we operate on, ensuring that you get the best possible solution for your issues. The team takes the time to understand your problem and then creates a personalized plan that maximizes your budget while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

By addressing foundation issues with a specialized team, you can save on expensive repairs down the line. Leveled Concrete’s customized solutions are designed to address the root cause of your foundation issues, providing a long-term fix that can save you money in the long run. Moreover, we offer assurances for our foundation repairs, giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to incur additional repair costs you weren’t expecting.


If you are a property owner, you know the importance of maintaining a solid foundation for your building. However, foundation problems can happen unexpectedly, and one of the most common problems is the sinking or settling of the interior foundation. A sinking foundation can be a significant headache for your property, leading to various hazards. Here, we’ll explore some of the dangers of sinking interior foundations and why you should consider seeking professional help from Leveled Concrete for your parking lot services in Houston.


Sinking or settling of the interior foundation can lead to structural compromises on various levels. As the foundation sinks, it may disrupt the distribution of weight, affecting the structural integrity of the property’s building framework, and leading to wall cracks, sagging floors, and in extreme cases, a collapsing property. With time, these structural damages become evident and require costly repairs. Therefore, it’s wise to identify the problem early and take the necessary corrective measures.


Sinking interior foundations can also create several safety hazards. For instance, it can cause your doors and windows to become misaligned, increasing security threats to your commercial or residential property. Slippery surfaces can also arise due to uneven floors, creating a tripping hazard to the property’s occupants. A sinking foundation may also cause doors and windows to become harder to open and close and can even result in them getting stuck, leading to a fire hazard when it becomes necessary to evacuate the building.


Sinking foundations can lead to plumbing problems. As the building framework shifts, it can cause shifts to the pipes. These shifts can cause various plumbing problems, such as leaks, blockages, and burst pipes. These can lead to unpleasant odors, water damage, and mold growth, leading to health hazards to occupants.


If you’ve noticed uneven, sloping floors, gaps between your floor and walls, or unexplained cracks near door and window frames, contact our team for a free inspection. If foundation settlement is the source of issues in your home, our team can help stabilize your interior slabs against further settlement, providing peace of mind, comfort, and so many more benefits.