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Each year, technological advances enrich our lives and make our lives easier. Sometimes those advances are absolutely astounding. Polylevel is one of those remarkable advances to problems that we face in urban life—shifting and cracked concrete.

A concrete slab weighs approximately 150 lbs. per cubic foot. We use concrete for so many applications, but let’s reflect on how it is used in slabs—sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc. We depend on these surfaces to be smooth, sturdy, and reliable. However, like most outdoor surfaces exposed to the elements, concrete can weather, sink, crack, and collapse.

While concrete appears to be very solid, extremely small spaces in concrete make it a very porous surface. Most water runs off of the surface, but some water seeps through the pores. Over time, the water can erode the soil underneath the slab, removing the foundation base of the soil. The weight of a concrete slab will cause it to sink and shift. If contact points prevent concrete from sinking, the lack of a base under the slab will result in the slab cracking.

Look around and you will see the results of concrete settling, sinking, and cracking. It becomes unsightly. Grass and weeds begin growing between the cracks. It becomes dangerous as a tripping hazard. It grows worse with the passage of time. If left unaddressed, sunken, cracked, and broken slabs will need to be replaced. Often replacement will be required at the time of someone else’s choosing and will not be convenient.

Polylevel: The Amazing Solution

PolyLevel Foam is an extremely dense foam with some amazing properties. It only weighs 4 lbs. per cubic foot but can raise a concrete slab to return it to its previous position. Here are some details:

  • Polyurethane has many applications in the building trades. It is a good insulator and can form to any shape and fill very unusual spaces.
  • Application technicians will drill several small (5/8”) holes in the concrete slab at strategic locations. The chemical components of polyurethane are injected under pressure beneath the slab. When the components combine, they create a foam that rapidly expands and fills every crack and void. As the foam expands, it will support the weight of the concrete slab and actually raise the slab to its original position.
  • Polylevel is a stable compound, repels water, does not rot or decay, and has no nutritional value to rodents or pests. This remarkable foam will hold the weight of the slab in place as long as needed.

Economic Advantages of Polylevel

Concrete leveling with Polylevel solves some small problems before they become large problems.

  • If you remedy cracks early, the small cracks will not become large cracks; large cracks call for more expensive solutions.
  • Leveling concrete costs less than replacing concrete—perhaps 50% less than replacement.
  • Replacing concrete slabs is not only more expensive but can be very inconvenient. Often it takes schedule coordination, building permits, and alternative parking solutions for several days.

Environmentally Friendly

Ecologically friendly polyurethane is a green building product:

  • 40% of the formula comes from repurposed/recycled material.
  • It is a very stable, inert compound, so no harmful chemicals are leaching into the groundwater.
  • Since it does dissolve or rot, it should only be applied once with no wasted product.
  • When Polylevel application prevents concrete replacement, less construction waste is disposed of in the landfill.

Polylevel Benefits

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