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Investing in Concrete Leveling

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Investing in Concrete Leveling

The Value of Investing in Leveled for Your Home

Are you looking to increase curb appeal and raise your property value? Do a quick inspection of your sidewalks, driveway, and patio, checking for cracks and sunken slabs. Repairing and concrete leveling these areas improve aesthetics, impressing both the property assessor and potential customers.
Consider these factors:

A Negative First Impression

A potential home buyer will determine whether to give your home a second glance after only 15 seconds.1 If your exterior makes a bad impression, they may miss the fresh paint and new flooring you installed to attract buyers. Stained, cracked, or sunken concrete signal poor maintenance and care. If that is true outside, they might expect the same inside.

A Negative Second Impression

The second set of people you need to impress are the realtors, property assessors, and inspectors. If cracked concrete and sunken slabs create a tripping hazard, you may be required to make these improvements before the house can go on the market or be approved by a lender. If you are proactive, the improvements will increase the assessed values, compared to hoping the improvements will cause the price to inch up after re-inspection.

Concrete Leveling Makes the Difference?

When you clean and repair damaged concrete, several things happen all at once:

  • It protects your property from liability. When concrete becomes uneven it becomes a tripping hazard. People are expecting a sidewalk or driveway slab to be even and can be caught off guard by damaged concrete.
  • It protects your property from further damage. The erosion that caused the damage will continue until corrected: you can expect the damage to continue. If ignored, the damaged concrete will need to be replaced.
  • Repairing the concrete will improve the appearance of your property. It will restore the original look of your property, making it stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Making repairs before putting the house on the market will avoid complications. Your realtor may request the repair or the inspector may require repairs for safety. By pro-actively making repairs, you will relieve potential time stress, compared to trying to make repairs before closing on the house.

When you are ready to level sidewalks and slabs, give Leveled a call. After a complete inspection and assessment, we will offer a repair solution with a free quote. The repairs can be made quickly, often in only a few hours. Your driveway will be ready for traffic on the same day. The leveling material is stable and comes with the best guarantee in the industry.

Investing in Concrete Leveling

When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free inspection for concrete repair and with assistance with Commercial PolyLevel Applications. Leveled can schedule a free inspection to help walk you through your options.