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Determining Concrete Leveling Cost

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Concrete Leveling Cost

How Much Does Concrete Leveling Cost

While mowing the lawn, you noticed a troubling change in the position of your driveway; the spot where the concrete slabs meet has sunken slightly. While no cracks have developed, it is only a matter of time. Your next step was to research online for solutions to the problem and you discovered concrete leveling with PolyLevel polyurethane foam. One last bit of information eludes you; how much does it cost?

Obviously, an online article cannot replace an in-person inspection by an experienced technician, so don’t expect a quote, sight unseen, at the end of the article. However, read on for some general guidelines that will help you anticipate your project’s cost.

Understanding the Process

The concrete in your driveway is slowly moving due to a common lawn problem—erosion. Concrete is porous and allows water to move through it. That may sound odd because concrete seems very solid, but under very close examination you will find very small openings, but just large enough to allow rainwater to pass through. Water begins to dissolve minerals and move soil. This creates minor voids, but the voids grow over time. Eventually, the concrete slab sinks to fill the void. If left unresolved, the slab will crack and break off completely.

PolyLevel is a process that uses an extremely stable chemical foam to fill the voids and more. As the component chemicals are combined, the foam expands beyond the void and lifts the slab back to its original position. The polyurethane is strong enough to bear the weight of the concrete plus vehicles parked on it. It is versatile and can also be used on sidewalks, patios, around pools, garage floors, and interior floors.

Determining Concrete Leveling Cost and PolyLevel Compared to Replacement

Doing nothing will buy time, but as you suspected, the slab will eventually crack and break. If you calculate the cost of replacing the driveway slabs, it is an expensive project. The cost is high since it involves:

  • Demolition
  • Debris Disposal
  • Pouring New Concrete
  • Finishing the Concrete
  • Materials
  • Labor

In addition to the price tag, concrete replacement takes more time than concrete leveling; the difference is days or weeks compared to hours. It may necessitate:

  • A building permit
  • Equipment coordination
  • 4 to 5 days of concrete curing time

Replacement cost variables include square footage, the difficulty of access and landscaping repairs. Concrete leveling will save an estimated 50% to 70% of the cost of replacement.

PolyLevel Compared to Doing It Yourself

Fixing a small crack on the edge of a concrete slab might be considered a DIY project. However, repairing a large, heavy slab of concrete without the equipment, knowledge, and experience puts it beyond the average handyman. Starting the project and realizing it is too much, or worse, making the problem worse, can add time and money to the completed projects. Without the proper equipment, there is a risk of injury. We do not recommend doing this yourself.

PolyLevel Cost Variables

Factors that affect the cost of concrete leveling include:

  • The extent of the gaps and voids. The amount of space that needs to be filled will determine the amount of material and the time required to install the polyurethane.
  • Access to the site can also affect the price. If the application truck must be positioned 200-250 feet from the project, it will increase the project cost. If the project is directly connected to the house, inside or under the house, it will affect the project cost.
  • The size of cracks and breaks also complicate a project. An inspection by an experienced technician will determine the location of foam injection; how and where the injection sites are located can affect the cost.

Your next step is to schedule an inspection by a professional technician. Your quote will include material costs, suggested injection sites, variables, and a projected time frame for completion.

Determining Concrete Leveling Cost

When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free inspection for concrete repair and with assistance with Determining Concrete Leveling Cost. Leveled can schedule a free inspection to help walk you through your options.