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Concrete Leveling Around Your Apartment Complexes

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Commercial Concrete Leveling

Concrete Leveling Around Your Apartment Complex

You take pride in making your apartment complex beautiful and safe so that residents will take pride in their homes. Inside surfaces are cleaned and painted regularly and all of the building systems are maintained regularly. However, you noticed that concrete surfaces around the property have moved and created uneven surfaces. Not only does this look unsightly—not the image you are trying to project—but it clearly has become a tripping hazard.

You do not want uneven concrete surfaces to be the deciding factor for potential or current residents concerning signing or renewing their lease.

It is important for property managers of residential complexes to repair uneven concrete around stairs, sidewalks, and large concrete slabs for the safety of all. Here are several benefits to having commercial concrete leveling services assist you with such projects.

1. Curb Appeal

Prospective renters have many choices; you are competing with every other housing option Houston has to offer. Before prospects see the cute front rooms, spacious master suites, or efficient kitchens you have to offer, they will see the immediate spaces leading to the front door. If they notice an uneven pool deck and sidewalks that threaten to trip them as they walk to the door, you are giving them reasons to keep looking.

You mow the lawn and trim the shrubs. Make sure the concrete surfaces around the buildings are level and smooth for the well-kept look they want to see.

2. ADA Compliance

For more than 30 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has set and implemented guidelines that ensure all people have the same access to sidewalks and buildings, regardless of mobility ability. Vertical changes over ¼” in concrete surfaces pose challenges and dangers to people who are blind, using crutches, or in a wheelchair.

Multi-family housing units, such as your complex, fall under ADA guidelines. Commercial businesses are required to repair these surfaces in a timely manner to keep everyone safe. Failure to repair them can result in hefty fines. A bigger issue is that one in four adults live with disabilities in the U.S.; uneven concrete will deter a large potential renter pool from leasing an apartment from you.

3. Fall Prevention

Since a concrete sidewalk or slab is generally smooth and level when anyone walking encounters an uneven concrete surface, a trip is possible, which can lead to slips and falls. In addition, an uneven surface can lead to standing water which can hide the hazard. If a slip or fall leads to injury, the owner of the complex can be liable and responsible for medical bills.

4. Pool Safety

A community pool is certainly an attractive draw to prospective residents, but you know it also creates the greatest liability to the complex. If, over time, the deck surrounding the pool has become uneven, falls leading to injury around the pool pose a bigger threat than in other locations. As part of your seasonal pool opening, inspect the deck for cracks or sunken areas. Make repairs before you invite residents to waterside activities.

5. General Maintenance

Beyond safety and aesthetics, maintaining concrete surfaces is no more or less important than maintaining the roof or AC units. Leveled uses the latest technology in a polyurethane product called PolyLevel to restore uneven concrete to its original position.

Leveling the original concrete with PolyLevel can be completed for approximately 50% of slab removal and replacement. Leveling repairs will also improve drainage, preventing standing water.

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