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Common Leveled Customer Questions

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Common Leveled Concrete Customer Questions

Concrete Leveling FAQs

Shortly after the first concrete slab was poured, the concrete began to settle and sink. It resulted in uneven surfaces, cracks, and broken concrete slabs. While the problem of uneven concrete surfaces has been around for a while, new solutions are available to mitigate the problem before concrete replacement is necessary.

An engineered foam solution, called PolyLevel, provides both homeowners and property managers the option of repairing uneven surfaces in-place, avoiding slab replacement. Leveled receives many questions about the process; here are answers to some of the most common questions from potential customers:

  1. How does PolyLevel work?
    After careful examination, a technician locates precise locations to drill 5/8” holes in the concrete to accommodate the installation of polyurethane foam beneath the surface. Two chemicals are combined below the surface, creating a rapidly expanding foam that fills every void and gently lifts the concrete slab to the original position. The foam is rigid and durable, capable of lifting the weight on the concrete slab as well as the weight of parked or moving vehicles. The foam is also very stable, is water-resistant, and will not decay.
  2. How much will it cost?
    Since Leveled has not made a site visit, projecting cost is not possible. We can tell you two things about the cost:
    • Our estimates are free, so we can give you a no-obligation quote, and
    • The cost will be significantly lower than the replacement cost. Removing and replacing a slab may cost two or three times as much as our repair solution.
  3. How long does it take to install?
    After the inspection is made and the project scheduled, it will take only a few hours for the project, from start to finish. The necessary holes will be drilled, the foam injected, and after leveling is complete, our crew will fill the holes with a color-matched composite, hiding the holes from most eyes. The slab will be ready for use within 15 to 20 minutes of application. The average project takes less than a day to complete.
  4. How long does PolyLevel last?
    Polyurethane foam does not dissolve in water and is not affected by extreme weather temperatures. It has no nutritional value to microbes, molds, or pests. It has a stable chemical formula and does not break down or leach chemicals into the environment. Without overstating the case, Polyurethane foam will last as long as you need for it to last.
  5. Will the repair be noticeable?
    The most noticeable aspect of the project will be concrete returned to its original position. The very small holes will be covered with a sealant and evidence of the holes will be virtually invisible. After close inspection, the sites are visible, but from a distance, the repair will not be evident. If the project calls for the sealant to fill cracks, the color variation for the sealant will be apparent.
  6. Will PolyLevel fix any and all slab damage?
    Unfortunately, no. Delaying repairs can lead to severe cracking and crumbling damage. After significant damage, the only solution is slab replacement. Consult with a concrete leveling company for the best solutions for your problem.

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