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Commercial PolyLevel® Applications

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Commercial PolyLevel

Commercial PolyLevel®

As a business owner or manager, you notice things. You noticed right away when concrete slabs in your equipment yard became uneven, even before the drivers complained. You noticed the back door that few people use besides you began to stick while opening and closing. Your observations lead to a list of small projects that need to be addressed, but “who has the time?” Commercial PolyLevel® is the solution.

You know your business and you know it well, but perhaps heavy construction is outside of your wheelhouse. Your first thought is, “I cannot afford to shut my operation down for a couple of weeks to fix this problem! Your second thought is similar, “I cannot afford to ignore the problem.”

Those sunken portions of the yard need to be addressed for two reasons:

  • Each day the heavy equipment beats on that weakness unmercifully
  • Each day that weakness beats your equipment unmercifully

All of the small projects on your list have similar results and ignoring them only costs more in repairs and inconveniences.

Bring your project list to Leveled and let us help. Replacing sunken or uneven concrete might not be necessary, and it may not be your best option. We have experience using Commercial PolyLevel® high-tech solutions in real-world commercial repairs that lift, level, and stabilize concrete surfaces. Commercial applications include:

  • Large interior and exterior concrete surfaces
    • Driveways and Sidewalks
    • Pool decks, porches, and entrances
  • Foundation, both interior, and exterior
  • Uneven road surfaces
  • Heavy industrial sites, including airports and railroads
  • Bulkheads and seawalls

Leveled uses Commercial PolyLevel® as a solution for raising and leveling uneven concrete surfaces. Commercial PolyLevel® is a system that combines two chemical compounds under pressure below a sunken surface. When these compounds react together, they form polyurethane foam. As this foam forms, it expands many times greater than the injected volume, filling every void. The strength of the reaction lifts a surface and with experience and skill, just the right amount of foam is created to lift the slab to its original position.

The injection process takes very little time and the foam cures within 15 minutes; most projects are complete and ready to use in a couple of hours. Since the foam is strong, it will handle the weight of vehicles without movement or crushing. Since the foam is stable, it will not rot or dissolve.

A Commercial PolyLevel® solution can make short work of your uneven surface problems with great benefit.

  • It is fast! Concrete replacement can be very inconvenient, simply because it takes so long. When you calculate removal, pouring, and cure time, the replacement will take weeks, not days. Your surfaces get used every business day, and this inconvenience will cost you money. Many PolyLevel repairs can be completed within a matter of hours, from set-up to breakdown and the repaired surface can support full weight in less than 30 minutes after the injection is complete.
  • It is cost-effective. PolyLevel repairs usually cost between 1/3 and ½ of the cost of removal and replacement.
  • It is strong. While PolyLevel is a fraction of the weight of concrete, it can lift and bear more than a 60,000 lb. load.
  • It is stable. The foam will consolidate loose soil, increasing its stability and load-bearing capabilities.
  • It is light. At only 4 lbs. per cubic foot, it does not add significant extra weight in weak soil environs.
  • It is quiet. Injection holes are less than the size of a quarter. No jackhammers, frontend loaders or dump trucks are involved.
  • It is green. Concrete repair has a less environmental impact since it is not necessary to add concrete debris to the landfill and the landscaping is usually unaffected. Polyurethane foam is a stable chemical and will not dissolve or leach into the surrounding soil.

Commercial PolyLevel® Applications

When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free inspection for concrete repair and with assistance with Commercial PolyLevel Applications. Leveled can schedule a free inspection to help walk you through your options.