Concrete Leveling

Commercial Concrete Leveling: Maintaining Concrete Surfaces

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Commercial Concrete Leveling

Commercial Concrete Leveling

Surrounding almost every type of commercial property you will find cement surfaces: sidewalks, driveways, and patios, to name a few. A necessary part of running your business smoothly is keeping these areas clean and free of hazards.

If you have noticed sinking concrete surfaces that look unsightly and result in tripping hazards, you may think your only option is to remove the old and replace it with new—a very expensive proposition. 

You also realize that neglecting sinking concrete can lead to cracked and broken surfaces, compounding the problem. Removing and replacing concrete is not your only option.

Maintaining Concrete Surfaces at Your Business

If you call Level Concrete, our experts can inspect your problem areas, determine a cause for the problem and develop a customized procedure to bring your current concrete surfaces to their original positions. Leveling your existing concrete will help your business in several ways.

Commercial Concrete Leveling: Protecting Customers

Your two greatest business assets are your staff and your customers. If you want them to “beat a path to your door,” you have to make sure the path is level with no tripping hazards. It only takes one distracted walker to miss that ½” rise or drop, fall, and suffer an injury, to put your business at risk. Leveling the concrete in a timely manner improves the safety of your business and gives customers a smooth welcome.

Commercial Concrete Leveling: Peace of Mind

Once you notice the tripping hazard, it will weigh on your mind. It should. If a customer recognizes the problem and brings it to your attention, the problem compounds. If an injury occurs, two things will happen:

  • You will suffer remorse at not responding sooner. A valued friend, whether a staff member or customer was injured, and you could have prevented it.
  • The resulting lawsuit can result in expensive claims, through workers ‘compensation or other insurance claims.
  • The claim will be time-consuming and can cost your business big; some of the other losses might include recovery time for employees, higher insurance premiums, and significant ill-will.

Public Relations Value

Poorly maintained concrete becomes an eyesore and is very unattractive. When weeds grow through the cracks, it demonstrates a lack of attention. People driving or walking by getting the wrong impression about your business. If you use marketing and signage to invite people to come in but do not make it easy for them to enter, you are sending mixed messages.

Restoring concrete surfaces will improve your curb appeal and restore confidence in your customers that you have their best interest at heart. It could be the best public relations move you can make.

If you have uneven concrete surfaces on your commercial property, it is important to repair them as soon as possible.

Commercial Concrete Leveling

When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free inspection for concrete repair. Leveled can schedule a free inspection to help walk you through your options.