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9 Advantages of Concrete Leveling Foam

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9 Advantages of Concrete Leveling Foam

PolyLevel Injection Advantages

If you have noticed uneven concrete at your home’s patio, driveway, or sidewalk, Leveled can help. It’s not just annoying, and unsightly, uneven concrete is a tripping hazard and can be dangerous to you, your family, and visitors to your home.

At Leveled, we use a PolyLevel Injection process that is a technologically advanced method for raising concrete, where a concrete leveling foam is injected through the concrete slab to fill spaces underneath. Our concrete leveling process is far superior to mudjacking, which combines a mix of concrete and mud to fill the spaces.

The concrete leveling foam process or Polylevel injection requires small pilot holes to be drilled through the slab. Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete that fills all voids that have developed. Once all the voids are filled with the concrete leveling foam, the polyurethane expands raising the slab to the same level as adjoining concrete.

Installing concrete leveling foam during the Polylevel injection has a significant advantage over replacement or mudjacking.  

9 Advantages of Concrete Leveling Foam

  1. Repairs and Leveling are often completed and fully usable the same day, often within hours of starting the repair.
  2. Smaller and fewer holes than other leveling options. Once the process is complete, the holes are relatively unnoticeable.
  3. You keep your original concrete. Replacing sections of existing concrete leads to color mismatches. And leveling is much less expensive than repouring… typically about half the cost.
  4. Lighter weight. Polylevel injection is less than 4 pounds per cubic foot. Comparatively, Mudjacking weighs 120 pounds.
  5. Polyurethane is waterproof which eliminates erosion.
  6. Concrete Leveling Foam is strong. This polyurethane foam has a lifting strength of between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds per square foot.
  7. Tripping and fall hazards are reduced.
  8. Polyurethane concrete leveling foam is environmentally friendly.
  9. And Leveled’s concrete lifting and repair solutions come with the industry’s leading warranty.

The older your concrete slab, the more likely it is to sink and settle. Uneven concrete is not only dangerous, it is an eyesore. Replacing your slab can be very expensive. If the soil under your concrete has settled, chances are it is not done. Placing a new patio, driveway, or sidewalk over sinking soil is only a temporary fix.

Let Us Help With Your Concrete Leveling

When you are ready to fix that uneven concrete, call us at 832-995-2000 to schedule your free inspection. Leveled can schedule a free inspection to help walk you through your options.